Professional Pressure Washing and Exterior Window Washing

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Washer

Professional window washers use a variety of tools to get the job done. They begin with a bucket of water and then add chemicals that can help remove hard water spots or mineral deposits.

These professionals also inspect windows for damage that can cause air leaks, fogging, and condensation. This can lead to higher energy bills. A great post ahead.

Saves You Time and Money

Unless you enjoy toting ladders and squeegees around your house on a weekend, it’s much better to let the professionals handle this chore. Window cleaners invest a lot of money in the right equipment to make it easier and safer for them to clean multiple stories of windows, skylights, and other special features in your home or business.

Besides the fact that dirty windows lower heating efficiency, they can also create air leaks and condensation problems, which lead to expensive repair bills or even mold problems. Professional window cleaners look carefully at the integrity of your windows and can spot issues that can save homeowners a large amount of money in the long run, such as wood rot, loose or cracked window casings, or painted sashes.

Clean windows allow sunlight to penetrate into the house, which reduces energy consumption and helps lower electricity bills. This saves you a significant amount of money in the long run, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Prevents Stains and Streaks

Professional window cleaners use techniques that are backed by training and years of experience. This helps them spot problems and issues like loose window panes, cracked seals, rotting sills, and more. They also know which products and equipment to use for each situation, to prevent stains or streaks.

A great tip to avoid streaks is to spray your cleaning solution directly onto a microfiber cloth, newspaper, or t-shirt instead of the glass. This prevents the product from dripping on the frame, which can cause damage and leave streaks.

Another tip is to work in small sections when washing your windows. Doing this prevents your cleaning solution from drying before you can wipe it away. You should also wipe your squeegee regularly to prevent lint buildup. After you’re done, dry your windows with a clean, lint-free cloth or chamois. Paper towels are not recommended, as they tend to leave lint marks on the window. Instead, a lint-free cloth, microfibre cloth, or chamois is the way to go.

Prevents Bugs from Gathering

Besides lint and streaks, other problems caused by dirt or debris on your windows may include gnats, which can resemble both fruit flies and mosquitoes. They gather near open food or house plants and are attracted to moisture. Gnats can also puddle around windows and sills, and their swarms can cause allergies.

Other window bugs that are difficult to identify include tiny black bugs, which look like itty-bitty ladybugs but have wings. If they’re squashed and leave a reddish stain, they’re likely clover mites, which are harmless but annoying.

Window cleaning professionals can spot insect nests, rotting sills, and faulty screens. They have eyes seasoned by thousands of hours on the job and are educated by industry-leading training to notice any problem areas. They can prevent you from having to deal with bug bites or expensive repair costs by identifying issues quickly. Then they can make recommendations for quick fixes. They’ll also have all the tools you need to get rid of the bugs, including a high-quality squeegee, a bucket of cleaning solution, and a cloth that doesn’t leave lint or streaks.

Prevents Damage

The dust on your windows isn’t just unsightly; it can also erode the window seals and create fogging and condensation. This can cause your heating and cooling system to work harder to regulate indoor temperatures, leading to higher energy costs.

When you use a cloth, it can rub against your windows and create static electricity that attracts more dust and dirt. Professionals know how to use specialized tools like squeegees and scrubbers that won’t damage your glass. They also have access to products that aren’t available to the general public, such as anti-static cleaners that minimize the problems caused by static cling.

Left unattended, dirt corrodes the metal parts of window frames and sills, which can eventually affect the structural integrity of your home. Regular cleanings help prevent this from happening by removing the accumulated debris. Browse the next article.